AMD 50 Millionth Processors chip fuelled the popularity of Nintendo’s Wii

Making Waves in Nintendo’s Wii Wonderland!

The Wii Nintendo’s seventh-generation home video gaming console was a world-wide phenomenon that changed the world of gaming with its unique motion controls as well as family-friendly games. The Wii sold more than 100 million units around the world which makes it one of the top-selling consoles ever. However, behind the scenes there was another important aspect that was responsible for the Wii’s success: AMD’s graphics processor manufactured by AMD.

AMD, a major company in the field of semiconductors has announced in 2009 it had delivered its 50 millionth ATI “Hollywood” graphics processor to the Wii. The ‘Hollywood’ processor, as it was code-named was a custom graphics processing unit (GPU) that allowed the Wii to provide stunning graphics and a full-bodied gaming experience with a range of games. The “Hollywood” chip was the most popular AMD games console chips to date with regards to sales per unit exceeding the previous record set by the ATI “Flipper” chip that was used that was used in Nintendo GameCube. Nintendo GameCube.

Nintendo’s microship known as “Hollywood” microprocessor

The chip ‘Hollywood’ is the product of a lengthy cooperation with AMD and Nintendo which began in 2001, when the two companies joined forces to develop the chip called ‘Flipper’ for the GameCube. The chip was an extremely robust GPU that had advanced features like anti-aliasing, compression of textures, and even bump mapping. The ‘Flipper’ GPU featured a unique design that enabled it to communicate direct with both the processor as well as the memory, which reduced the amount of latency and boosting efficiency.

Nintendo powered by IBM microship.
Nintendo powered by IBM microship.

The chip ‘Hollywood’ was based on the Flipper chip, but had numerous enhancements and optimizations. The ‘Hollywood’ chip featured more frequency of operation, more memory and a lower energy consumption than chip that was ‘Flipper. The ‘Hollywood’ chip included new features like the blending of alphas, z-buffering and the ability to filter out textures. The chip was developed to work with the Flipper chip, which allows developers to easily transfer games from their GameCube games to Wii. Wii.

The chip ‘Hollywood’ was not just a technological marvel however, it was also an advantage strategically for Nintendo. The chip was able to allow Nintendo to keep cost of production and the retail price of the Wii affordable, which made the console more accessible and appealing to a wider market. The chip allowed Nintendo to create interesting and entertaining games that were appealing to avid and serious gamers instead of battling in terms of graphical quality with competitors like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The chip ‘Hollywood’ was the perfect match to Nintendo’s ethos that emphasized “lateral thinking with withered technology” that is, making use of existing technology in innovative and innovative ways.

The Hollywood chip was a testimony to the close relationship and trust that exists that existed between AMD as well as Nintendo. Both companies had a common goal of creating fun experiences that brought joy and happiness to millions of people across the globe. AMD’s experience in graphics technology and Nintendo’s top-quality game design brought together to create the winning formula which made the Wii an iconic console. The “Hollywood” chip was an excellent illustration of the ways in which AMD and Nintendo cooperated to create a console gaming rising phenomenon in the world.

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